Meditation for Uncertain Times

A meditation to reset and recalibrate when things are unknown and uncertain. Find your inner home and security again.

Enjoy this free meditation to get you back to a centred place where you can create rather than react in unknown times.

Your Instructor

Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith

Jenna is a self-development, spirituality and authentic living expert who teaches how to live our most powerful, expressed, and aligned life with BEing. She trained in Shamanic intuition, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Fitness, Singing/Speaking, Reiki/energy healing, and Ontological Coaching.

Jenna is a sought after “real deal” transformational expert in a the noisy industry of self- development. Jenna is more than a life coach and speaker, she has been called a Soul Re- Calibrater, Angel, Master healer, female Tony Robbins, and the one you go to when nothing else works.

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